I love being a woman

I am amazed at all the raging controversy about how women should be perceived.
Someone said women are like “a box of sweets” . Some view us as Barbies.
This is how I see women.

Do you not see me?
I am Durga.I am Kali.
I see no color,
No race,
No religion.
I sense no boundaries.
I have no borders.
I am beyond crime and criminals.
The world is contained in me.
The macrocosm is my body.
Do you not see me?
I am a woman.
I can kill. I can destroy
All those who touch me
With unholy hands.
I have the cleansing fire in my soul.
Can you not see me?
Can you not sense me?
I am Gayitri
The magic incantation
Which turns a man into a divine.
Have you forgotten?
Forgotten it all?
I destroyed the Asuras
With their bestial souls.
I am the mother
The nurturer of all
I am the part that completes the whole.

A traditional woman

I am a woman of traditions.
I believe in being a mother.
I enjoy being a wife.
I loved being a daughter.
I never felt it was not right.
I am proud of my sons.
I am content to create .
I like to care for the young and old.
I have no need for an identity outside my roles.
For I am a successful woman.
I know this on my own.
My heart is in my home.

This is my protest

This is my protest against
Women who are helpless
Women who crib and cry for being underprivileged
Women who allow themselves to be cowed
Women who do not acknowledge the power with which they are endowed
Women who look for approval
Women who fear reprisal

This is my cry
To arouse the latent forces in us
To get in touch with the creative
To waken the strength of the mother
To nurture what is good and kind
To revive our inherent powers

Rise up
Rise up and get in touch with the divine
Beyond all weaknesses of the body and mind.

Let us chant…
I am a woman strong and contained —
Come be my companion and friend.

Sisterhood of women

We,in sisterhood,stand together
Weatherproofed women.
Young and old.

Life passes.
Life thrashes.
Life laughs.
Life pauses.

For centuries and ages untold.
We meet ,young and old.
Women through the ages.
Part of an unbroken sisterhood.

In our minds
We have steel.
In our hearts
We hold fire.
In our arms
We nurture flowers.

Wives, friends

We are here to rise again.
Forever and ever,
The sisterhood never ends.

We are women of untold strength.

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