Today, my uncle turned 67 and he wrote to me :”Nobody had ever told me I’d turn 67! So with some surprise here I am. The best stage of my life has begun and is going quite well”.
It is wonderful to see the celebration of life, energy and sense the enjoyment of movement towards a fulfilling ,ripe age. These poems with their celebration of life are dedicated to him.


Let us celebrate life
Happy days
Let us all celebrate while it stays.
Let us celebrate life.
The chirping of a bird.
The colors of a rose.
The patterns of
A butterfly wing.
Let us celebrate while it stays.
Let us celebrate life
Strains of happy songs
Trees swishing
The breeze whispering.
Let us celebrate while it stays
Let us celebrate life
Just the sensation of being.
Let us celebrate life while it stays
Let us celebrate life.


Let us celebrate
The glory of sunshine ,
The greeness of the grass,
The brilliance of the sun,
The fragrance of clean air,
The opulence of life ,
The fluidity of water.
The uprightness of mountains.

Let us celebrate
The flitting of butterfly wings.
The intensity of a red rose
The colors of the rainbow.
The touch of a friendly hand.
The sound of a kind word.
The feeling of happiness.
The chirping of a little bird.

Let us celebrate….


Wake up! Look at the sun rise!
Raise up your face to the skies.
Feel the wind.
See the world.
Stretch your arms out.
Twirl around and dance
To the rhythm of the trees
That rustle in the breeze.
Feel your hair fly astray.
Breathe deeply and see….
See how lovely is this creation
For you and for me….
Sense the ecstasy of the universe…
The vastness…the littleness of the earth…
And yet it is there like a flawless gem
Set in the endless infinity.
Revel….that we live…
Revel ….that this is an experience,
An adventure
From which we may never awake.
Perhaps all a figment…
…..A figment of a fabulous dream…

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