Spring is here ! Looking back nostalgically, here are some verses I had written last spring sitting in my garden ,enjoying the sunny,breezy weather….

Song of Spring

Come let us celebrate spring !

Let us dance abandoned in the air
With wild flowers nodding everywhere
Hear the swishing of the breeze
The singing of the trees
The distant hum of bees
The whistling of the birds
The laughter of boys and girls
It’s heady….this spring
I hear the voices ring
And songs that words do sing
I see the sky
Clear and bright
I feel the sunshine
Warm with gold
These are stories of all ages
Singers have sung this song
Through aeons
Now it is my turn to sing
A resounding ode to spring


The madness of words engulfs my soul.
The sound of words,the music,the rhythm,
The nuances, the schisms…..
I dance like a wild woman
My hair flying wild.
I turn in circles.
I gyrate.
I am in an open field……
Hear the wind.
Translate the sound.
The waves of the swishing grass.
The greenness of the ground.
All captured by words and sound.
The nimbus floating by
In an unending blue sky
Golden with the hues of sunlight.
I revel in words.
I dance to the sound.
Nothing more matters
As I turn around and around….

Intoxicated with the sound of words.

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