How wonderful is life!

Hello! Here is wishing you all a wonderful start to a very happy week.
It will be new year for lot of people from India this week….


Step out of it
And look out beyond
Into this bright,wide world
Of happiness and light.
Look at the aura of the vibrant sun rise,
At the birds that fly so high,
At the colors of the sky,
At the beauty of the night.
Hear the hum of the fireflies,
The soft swish of waves ,
The rustling of the leaves,
And the murmur of the trees.
Feel the wind among the greens,
The fulfillment in the breeze.
Touch the water over the sand,
Race with the waves receding from the land.
Reach out,
Reach out to the skies
And say,
This world is mine.
Mine to hold,
To feel,
To conquer
To dream….

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