The river

When I look out of my window, I see ripples of water in the little river / water reserve across the road. The river gives me a sense of tranquility.Here are a few lines to the river…

The river

For me,
This river means life.
Breath .
Every morning ,
I see it awake
Ripple with waves
Light up with the sun
Glitter and have fun
I see the birds that flit
Over it.
I see turtles swim
And cranes wait for the fish.
I see trees
Smile back at me
From the waves.
I see the play of light.
At sunset,
I see the water reflect the sky.
At night, it deepens and quietly sighs.
At midnight, it sleeps dark and quiet
And awakens fresh again in the morning light.

The water and the sky

The waves caught a bit of the sky
And brought it close to me.
A little cloud,feathery white,
In a dancing spree
Was rippling in glee,
Laughing with me…
And a little further down ,I could see
The sun littering jewels ,
Dusting the pointed edges of the water
With pin pricks of crystal bright.
The other day,
I saw rubies and diamonds sprinkle the little lake.
Sunset on water turned gold
A fluid necklace of ages untold
Molten lava across the skies
Captured by the rising tides
The water all dressed up,
Waiting to meet the dark night…
The fiery lava turned the sky cinder,
The water darkened itself, a willing bride
Of the deepening skies
Drowning it’s senses in the colors of the night.

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