On 1st of May, I went for a live concert by Amjad Ali ,the sarod maestro . His music and his compositions are truly inspiring! To add to the multicultural flavor of the concert,he had three Chinese instrumentalists playing his composition in raga Bahar with his troop. With his music he not only strung together two great ancient civilizations but also paused to dedicate the performance to the Nepal quake victims.
This is my tribute to his superb music.


Pure dulcet notes,
Clear, sharp and yet mellow
Tumbling out in melody.
Beautiful single tones,
Lucid, like water drops
That fall in rhythm
And yet create their own harmony.
No thunder, no lightening.
But notes that ring
And to the soul sing
Songs of simplicity
And of joy.
Notes that descend
From heaven
And give focus
To peace,
To the primeval cry
That calls out
And stretches its’s arms
To souls struggling
To let go,
To bring forth
New creations
That inspire the strength in us,
That reaches out to the inner being
Giving a glimpse
Of perfection,beauty and eternity.
These are notes of eternal harmony
Beyond borders,beyond colors
And beyond all destiny.
They give a glimpse of heaven to me.

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