It has been thundering and raining on a daily basis here in Singapore.
Here are some poems to celebrate the rain.


Silver metal against the sky,
Clouds lit up by flashing lights.
Winds rush through the trees
Messing up their leaves.
Angsana flowers float down the air.
Butterflies disappear.
The clouds are ripped again and again
The darkness thunders asking for rain.
Then, with a rush of pattering sound,
The rain finds it’s way to the ground.

The lightening

The lightening strikes,
Connecting the Earth to the skies.
With a sliver of silver,
Knife-edged, sharp, it cuts across the night,
Bordering the darkness with neon light,
Or, streaking the heaviness of the grey
Thunder clouds during the day,
Linking the distant infinite
With the being that is finite.
Creating a new reality,
Opening a new dimension
For our world,
Taking us beyond the clouds
Exciting us with it’s spark,
Telling us all life is a lark,
An existence that starts
And ends with a thunderclap.
It is all a part of the Big Bang!


Like a sheet of molten mercury, the ripples
Stretch out against a cloudy sky.
The only color is the yellow of
The Angsana flowers nearby.
And the green of the
Grass and leaves fluttering ,sigh.
The wind rips
Through the dancing trees.
Loud thunder laces the streaks
Of lightening against the flat
Fields of grey.
Flashes of neon lights
Connect the Earth to the skies.
The birds and butterflies
No longer fly.
They hide and watch the
Unbidden drama
Between the Earth and skies
Till, peals of clapping rain
Wet the dry Earth again and again.

As the rain comes to a halt,sunshine smiles.
The yellow bird chirps to the green butterfly,
” What drama! What spirit of the Earth and skies!
What else could be more gripping than this sight?!”

One thought on “Rain”

  1. What a coincidence? I got this blog right when I reached my bs stop after getting soaked in Singapore rain!!

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