The Plea

Here are some thoughts on the Nepal quakes.


Why is it that people die?
Why is it that wails keep rising up to the sky?
In unison,the souls cry
Burdened by pain, incessant rain,
The earth shaking again and again,
Torn by what unbidden force…
Is it anger?
Is it hatred?
Is it violence?
What is it that shakes the earth so?
Can we help?
Can we heal?
Will the earth stop it’s rigmarole?
Perhaps,we can all pray
And plead to make the stillness stay.
Perhaps, we can all join hands
And pull the people to safer lands.
It is the beginning of the end,
Or ,
Is it the end of the beginning….
It is all the same.
The creation starts again and again.
Mankind writhes in loss and pain…
For the hurt to stop.
For the breach to heal.
For a fresh new dawn
That sings a a song
Of happiness
And of joy.
Let us all kneel and pray
For many more glorious days.

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