Hope and Happiness

Here are some poems of hope and happiness.


In a burst of golden song,
The sun each day heralds dawn.
The light spills from behind the cloud
And sings a lilting melody out loud.
It lifts my heart to the skies
And to the rising sun I fly.
Bathed in a glorious orange light,
I watch the sun climb up and shine.
Outlining the clouds with silvery lines,
Exploding with molten lava-like mines,
It chases out the dark night.
Rising on a crescendo of light,
Pirouetting, I rise higher and higher,
Deeper into the orange skies
And become a part of the sunrise
Till strengthened by the healing day,
I walk back on a sunray.

A glimpse of paradise

I brought home a bit of paradise with me.
The bright plumage of an exotic bird
Wrapped in music from eternity,
The purple shine of the seashell
With bits of sand and sea,
A rosebud with dewdrops
Like crystal clinging
And lending rainbow hues,
A window with a view
Of rippling water
Reflecting the clouds and sun,
A white butterfly flitting from tree to tree
Sipping nectar from the yellow bloom amid the green,
A little pebble that gurgles and laughs
Echoing the notes of a hilly brook,
It’s original nook,
An exquisite embroidery
Of a cherry blossom tree….
Memories of spring and snow,
Things that make my heart soar
With happiness, freedom and love.

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