Here are some thoughts generated by Beethoven’s music and a live classical sitar performance by Supratik Sengupta.


In a crescendo of sunshine, I rise
And then glide
Through the starry night
Of bright and vibrant lights.
I see an aurora quiver in the sky.
Bathed in delicious rainbow shine,
I become a bird and fly
Beyond the reach of strife,
Towards an infinity …
With my wing tips bathed in light,
I slide and high up glide.
I am unique and translucent.
I absorb the lights and the sounds.
I shiver and like diamond glitter
With the prismatic colors of white.
I peak and touch the zenith of sunrise
And then to Khayyam’s turret I fly.
I hear the clear notes of the flute
In the blueness of dawning light.
And then, again, I am lost,
Lost in an ambient light,
Stirred by the melody of a single note,
So clean, so pure,
Like an angel, I soar.
And unicorns gambol in my lore.
What am I?
An unicorn, a bird, an angel
Or a sprite stretching out to touch the beauty
With my excited mind?


A sitar string plucks,
Plucks to intensity,
Till it tugs your heart string
And it beats to the melody of the tune.
Your ears burn,
Your being cries for more,
The beauty,
The sound,
The melodies
Eternal in their intent.

Rhythm and beat dance.
Dance to the
Infinite notes of eternity…
The tandava
With Shiva
Raising his foot
In the eternal dance of destruction,
And Brahma
Picking up the pieces and creating…..

Losing oneself in melodies,
Dancing to the tunes of spring.
Flowers bloom in unison,
Melodies sway
In the breeze.
The spring flowers blossom,
Filling the boughs,
Falling, falling
Fragrant grass with tiny yellow flowers,
Me bedecked with petals,
Awaiting, awaiting…

This one streak of intensity,
Of creation,
Of spring,
Of life.

The melody becomes an extension of the body and soul.
It is all a part of the Whole.

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