Is it right to expose our children to risks that they are too young to visualise? How competitive can we be? What are the limits?

In Retrospect

A forgotten dream,
A child lost midstream,
Lifeless little hands
Peeping out from under the sands,
Little voices stilled forever
In an endeavour
To make them excel.
Is it worth losing a life
To be a winner in a fight?
Is it worth to risk
What only God can give?
Is it right to ignore the mighty roars,
The recurring earth-shaking furores
Of rocks that tumbledown,
Of fiery flames that ignite
Sorrows and plight?
Is it right to expose our children to this site?


How far can we stretch?
How much do children need?
How much is our greed?
How far can we reach
Without a breach?
What is it we teach?
Can you hear the pain
In the patter of the rain?
Can you hear the cry
As sorrows sigh?
All this and more
In the hope that children soar?
Can they explore
If they are no more?
Sans life. Sans end.

One thought on “Afterthought”

  1. it is really what we see in the society …picking up every day..competition of parents against parents…leaving childhood , innocence…behind.

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