Wishful thinking on my part…

If I were a Kite…

If I were a kite,
I would forever fly
High up in the sky.
I would flit and float,
Dance among the clouds,
Soar beyond all vision.
I would loose myself in the mad breeze
That swishes among the unruly trees.
I would tug. I would pull
Till the string that binds me
To the ground loosens it’s hold,
Frees me from all my earthly ties
And I, soar up to new heights.
With madness, with gladness,
I sway and lose myself
In the eddies of long lost tunes
That create new harmonies
In my heart.
And then, gently, with this myriad, new-born song
I would float back to herald the start of a new dawn.

Song of a wood nymph

A wood nymph,white and green,
I sit and dream of a distant stream…
A stream so clean
And pebbly green,
I can see the fish swim.
White and gold,
And red and yellow,
So many colors
Yet so mellow,
Blending into the sea of life
Without any disharmony or strife.
Effortlessly, the stream flows into the sea
Singing songs of eternal harmony.
Then, why is it, we, of the humankind
Think always of borders and of lines,
Dividing territories, yours and mine?
Strife, wars, hatred and greed,
These are sorrows against which I plead.
A wood nymph, I sit and dream
Of an idyllic utopia like my stream.

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