Swept by the Wind

Do you enjoy walking in windy weather?


I soared adrift
Swept by the wind.
Soaring high,
I took to the sky.
Feeling my wingtip,
From infinity to infinity,
Stretch beyond
My own comprehension,
I flew feeling wild.
Words cannot describe
The joy I felt during this ride.
The strong breeze
That cut through the trees
Held me in it’s free grip,
Tossed me, turned me,
Ripped through me
Till I cried,
And with pleasure sighed.
Below, I could see the distant land,
The brilliant seas and the golden sand.
I rose higher and higher till I flowed
And with reflected light glowed.
There was nothing of me,
Except a translucent being
A reflection of what was and what had been.
My past, my future all held by a glowing beam.

The Bird

Tossed by the wind,
The bird swings.
It flits, it floats,
Away from it’s course.
Swept by the currents,
Carried by the torrents,
It finds a new horizon,
A brand new vision
From it’s new found height.
Emboldened by the sight,
It rises and soars
Towards it’s new goal.

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