In Memorial

Losing a life is very sad, especially if youthful and full of promise.


O little boy, I weep for you.
How short your life !
How many the tears
As the mother weeps
To see the hearse,
The rigid hands,
That lie forever still.
No life left in the still face,
No smile will ever grace,
The lips that lie forever closed.
Death has cast it’s spell untold.
O little boy, I weep for you!
For the wonderful life you missed,
All the sunshine and birds that sing,
That, for you, will be forever still…
You will wake up in a better place,
Where happiness and sunshine will lace
Each one of your wonderful days.


I feel myself drown in the embrace
Of the frothy waves that race
Crying out to me,
Come, be a part of the sea.
I surrender myself to the water,
Feel myself drift and float
Till a huge tsunami swarms
And hugs me in it’s arms.
I feel the salt water enter my lungs.
I no longer float but sink.
Till I hit the ground.
I wake up
An undersea mermaid
Singing in a distant strain,
In the blue green water I reign.
This is now my domain,
Away from strife and pain.
I wait for the time and space
When from this watery cave
I will emerge in sunshine again.
Shimmering with reflected light,
Rainbow-like, I will glide
And ride on a swan
To the start of a new dawn.

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