The Conundrum

The Democrat

God opened a new factory…one for making labels.

His worker asked ,”Why have you opened this factory? What is it you want to establish? Most companies make their own labels or lease it out to a vendor nowadays to save costs. Then, why are we making only labels instead of products? For who are we making these labels?”

God answered,”Let us slow down and take one question at a time.”

God ,who had a fantastic recall said ,”Question one: Why have you opened this factory? Answer: To make labels. Question: What is it you want to establish? Answer: That is a good question. We will arrive at the answer by and by. Third question: Why are we making labels only instead of products? Answer: Because that is what mankind wants. Last question: For who are we making these labels? Answer : For mankind.”

The worker looked bemused and said: “I am still very confused. Do you not decide what mankind wants?”

“No. Mankind decides what they want. I was made by them, for them and of them.” said God.

“You sound like a democratic leader!” said the worker.

“Am I not?”asked God.

“I thought you were the creator of all mankind and all universe,”the worker mumbled. He was feeling more and more perplexed.

“I am,”said God with a smile.

“Then how is it you talk of servicing mankind?”asked the worker, now at the brink of a breakdown.

“Well. I was nothing and the universe came out of nothingness. I thought of my existence and I started existing. Then I thought of the Universe and Earth and it happened. Then I thought of night and day. Then, I thoughts of different life forms. They all happened. I was The Creator. I created. It was good fun! I thought and I made it happen… ”

“Then I made some of My most supreme creations…mind, thoughts, ideas…and they all happened. My creatures were thinking, questioning and praying. They wanted many things…one of them were their wishes fulfilled…for that, I needed to service them. From a creator, I became a fulfiller of wishes. When I created man, I gave him thoughts…led to needs…led to ideas…led to wishes and dreams….If I leave them unfulfilled, mankind will die of frustration… Don’t you see?”

“I understand. But that still doesnot explain this factory for labels,”said the perplexed worker.

“I am coming to that… When men and women started thinking, they started defining roles for themselves in society…like teacher, trader, doctor, engineer, priest, farmer…and they became labels that stuck to them for the rest of their lives. They trained for these roles in school. They did their utmost to fulfill these roles and create super-specialized labels,”said God.

“But your labels do not bear these names. They are called mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, brother, wife,husband…”said the worker.

God said: “I know. In quest for professional excellence, man forgot to sustain and nurture these relationships and roles. That is why I am making these labels…with the hope that mankind will again learn to redefine himself in essential human roles…”

“I do not think there will be any takers for these labels. These roles are always taken for granted,” said the worker.

“That is where media and art will come in…”said God. “Just watch. I am also the maker of dreams. “

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