It is good to be back on one’s feet after a fall!


The forest turns aflame
With passion, anger and pain.
The flames leap up again and again,
Orange, yellow, gold,
Burning bright and bold,
All the living, they sear and tear
Till burnt out, the flames disappear.
The remains, black and charred,
For some time bar all life.
Then from deep within, begins the strife.
The rain falls in sheets,
Cooling the charred heap,
Till the ground again turns lush and green.
Again, the forest will rise.
Again, life will thrive.
Again, the birds will sing
And the rainbow ring
The sky and the forest.
A reflection in the lake.


It has all calmed down,
Calmed down to a steady green and brown.
The flaming yellow of the flowers
Now are brown bowers
Of dry pods.
The oriole still flits
Concealed among the leaves.
An occasional butterfly,
Yellow or white, floats by.
The river, still ripples with small lines
Reflecting the colors of the sky,
Blue, white and grey, tinged yellow with flitting sunshine.
Popcorn clouds
Build up in huge mounds.
And then a deluge starts.
Endless rain.
It pours in sheets.
Little can be seen
Beyond this translucent screen.

Life will restart after the flood.

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