By The Stream

Here are some figments of thought…


On pieces of paper, I write my dream
And throw them into an eddying stream.
The water twirls and twists and swallows up the wisps
And off they go on far off, distant trips
To the sands where tiny fishes do swim and play,
Where sunlight does not reach even on a bright day,
Where murmurs of melody come from mermaid lips,
And soothing notes a water nymph trills.
Will those honeyed tones ever ring
With words my heart did sing
And then to the waters fling?
Will they ever come back to me
In a faraway chant or melody?
Or, will they be forever lost
Far from all human thought?

Perhaps the waves will bear my dream
To another by the distant shores of the stream.
He may not know that I did sing
But still my happy notes will ring
And bring joy to the singer
And be the harbinger
Of eternal harmony.


My soul on bits of paper,
Floating down the river,
Catching glints of golden sunshine
Sparkling in the water.
I flit. I float . I toss
In the water
Catching the sparkles of sunlight
On my frayed ends
Almost becoming ethereal
In my golden intent
This is the glamour I get.
Glimmer, glamour, glimmer, glamour.
My soul on bits of paper,
This is the end.
This is the end.
This is the end.

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