These are my expressions of joy and inspiration.


They touched my mind,
Filling it with infinite star-studded universes,
Opening it to dreams,
Beyond the scope of life,
Showing me a path out of strife.
With magic dust, they sprinkled my eyes
And wherever I look I see minds
That float out like mine
Hold one enraptured for awhile
And then move on to newer sites.
Each time the vision deepens beyond the last horizon,
Each time the infinity expands a little more
Stretching beyond time and space
Enfolding me deeper into the realm
Of a world beyond time
Where rainbows unite,
Colours combine
To make a pristine
Pure light.
I have arrived.


Oh look, gold stars
On bright green grass !

I see the date palm flowers
Drift down the trunk that towers
Towards the sky
As the breeze softly sighs
Like stars escaping from the folds of night
To bask in the golden sunlight.
The wind laces the sun’s ray
As the green dates, their tiny heads sway .
Dancing to a cosmic tune
Beyond the little grassy dune.

A white butterfly flits by
Whispering to the stars …

Oh ! How wonderful is this universe!

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