The Prelude


Perhaps, it’s time to say
Good morning to each sun ray.
Perhaps, it’s time again to be gay,
To rise up each bright, new day
And feel the world with happiness sway.
Perhaps, it’s time the clouds are wiped
Off dust, pollution and all strife.
Perhaps, it’s time to rid
One’s heart off all grit.
Perhaps, it’s time for a song
That brings joy all along.
Perhaps it’s time to wake up and rise
And, if necessary, flow against the tide.
Perhaps, it’s time to stand by
What your heart knows to be right,
To hold conviction in your mind
And, by your principles, abide.
Perhaps, it’s time to rise up at night
And let darkness give you sight.
Perhaps, it’s time to hum a new tune
And dance in the silver light of the moon.
Perhaps it’s time to let go
And let your whole being flow,
Like the ocean that has no end
Waves of happiness and faith send.
Shimmering, the waves play
In the sunshine and dappled grey,
Luring us with water turned gold
To be beautiful, clear and bold.

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