The impossible


Making Utopia

It is time to ride a rainbow, to swim through the sky,
To surf the clouds till one feels oneself fly….
Over the towns and over the meadows
Zooming in and out of golden shadows.
Now on a skateboard, I slide
Into a golden sunrise,
Speeding, fast, flying, flying
Till I lose the self in trying.
The effort hurts every bone.
I feel myself soar
Beyond the life force.
I see two enormous doors
Open to a plethora of bright lights
Dancing, singing, creating flights
Of fanciful delights….
I have arrived in the land
Where every grain of sand
And every drop of the sea
Stretch to create a new reality
That reaches out to you and me
And takes us beyond impossibility,
Making the unreal,real
This is the dream, the ideal.

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