Listen to the silence of the walls.
Listen to the silence of the halls.
White, entrenched in quiet calm,
Singing a wordless psalm.
The sun reflected in the glass
Reaches out it’s radiant arms,
Mesmerises with it’s charms
Till reminiscences of the tall palms
Sing, sing to sound of the dancing waves,
In strange, unfamiliar octaves…
Dulcet notes that stir a happy song,
Far away from the rushing throng,
Where feathery, white clouds ply
On a benign, bright blue sky,
Where free of constraints of time,
The breeze rings out in chimes.
Lines flow from the stream
Of a long forgotten dream
And strange stirrings in the heart,
Create a shimmering world apart.
All this and more, it starts
From  meditating on the stars…

…Eternal, endless, initiators of  life…

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