In the galaxial world I float.
Dark, luminescent I soar
Through clouds of stardust.
Shooting stars whizz past.
I wish this eternity would last.
Auras of red and blue flash
As the distant nebulae clash
With the shine of the stars,
Making it into a fireworks night.
As I flit past the vast infinite
On my journey to explore the light
That gives this world it’s life.
Am I out there in the wilds
Of eternal space rides?
Or am I in the jungle deep
Of an unexplored reef,
With fishes that shine
Giving off luminescent light?
Strange shapes that lurk
In the darkness of the murk,
Oceans that lave
Into strange caves,
Caves that can be found on Mars
Among the far away distant stars…
And it all started with a few particles of dust
This fantastic, vibrant starburst
The ultimate creator of this universe!

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