Poetry in English and German

Published in German and English in Words and Worlds Magazine, Austria


The final break with the umbilical cord

comes with the sale of the house.

In every corner memories etched

with the solitude of being.

The laughter unheard,

the chords of the harmonica

silently still play sitting on an

empty rattan chair basking in the sun.

The black cat walks by.

And it all returns among the

huge dahlias and multi-hued roses,

birds that hop among flowers and sup

of honey. They call them honey birds —

tiny, dainty, cute. Flocks of parakeets

quarrel and the street dog barks.

In every sound is hidden the memory

of the umbilical bind.

Now, no more.

The last drop of blood pours out of the soul.



Das letzte Stück Nabelschnur

riss mit dem Verkauf des Hauses ab.

In jeder Ecke mit der Einsamkeit des Seins eingravierte Erinnerungen.

Das ungehörte Lachen,

Auf einem leeren Rattanstuhl

sitzen in der Sonne, aalen.

immer noch spielen die Akkorde der Mundharmonika lautlos.

Die schwarze Katze geht vorbei.


Read more poems and the rest of the translation by clicking on this link in Words and World magazine.

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