(Published in Countercurrent, 7.3.2020)


Marginalised? Who said we are marginalised?

We are humans walking side by side.


Women, Men and Children

Dalits, Tribals and the Abused —


Who said we are different?


Who said that Woman is born of Man’s rib?

Who said caste is by God writ?


Who said women cannot enter temples or mosques?

Who said Menstruation and Widowhood are both to be abhorred?


Who made these rules?


Did Durga menstruate? Did Kali?

Did Mary have a husband before she conceived Christ?


Who created religions and rites?

Who made castes and border lines?


Who created these and why?


Radcliffe for Manchester Mills drew a line

that split homes, created the Great Divide


Corpses without heads rolling on trains of death

Burnt, decapitated.


Zombies looking for blood

Zombies rising out of the death of love

Zombies that cannot tolerate

Zombies that hate—

They no longer think

But Kill—

Kill for Cows,

Kill for Country,

Kill for Dowry,

Kill for Concealing Rape,

Kill in the name of Different Gods.


Who made these different Gods?

Who? Who? Who?


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