Man & Money

(Published in, 17/5/2020)


Was Man made for Money?
Was Money made for Man?

On which side lies the land
What is the truth?

Did Man for Money
walk straight —
From Ape to
Homo Habilis
2.8 million years ago?

Where was the Money, the Economy?

And then came Homo Sapiens —
smart, intellectual,
established Money,
Capitalism, Communism, Socialism,
all the isms that divide
across Borders,
Create Contempt

Man made Money

Eventually Money started moulding Man

Crazed by opulence, by wealth,
Paeans were sung
to jubilate

Till the Death Rim of the Sun expanded,
infecting the way of life

Exposing maladies
where the deprived cried, died
on railtracks ground to dust,
Dust unto Dust
hungry homebound mother and child

The Exclusive’s needs denied Inclusion

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