“Our Kids Should Have Dreams Bigger Than Ours”

Sara Chats: Interview with Mitali Chakravarty, Founding Editor Of Borderless Journal, September 2020

Bookosmia Spotlight

Hey, Sara here! Read this wonderful piece on how to not only make your kids a good writer, but a good human being, from Singapore based Mitali, an acclaimed writer and a thinking parent. She is the founding editor of the international Borderless Journal, which republishes the writings of young Bookosmians.

Sara Chats: “Our kids should have dreams bigger than ours,” with Mitali Chakravarty, founding editor of Borderless Journal

Sara: A journalist, a teacher, story teller, a writer, parent and so many more –  you have experienced life’s many colours! If there is one thing you would like  to go back and tell your 10-12 year old self, what would it be? 

Mitali: Thank you Ms Sara — I really am a huge fan of yours!I am not as multi faceted as you make me sound but a mother and homemaker who writes and is trying to create a happier world for her children and in the future, her great grandchildren!I would tell my younger self: “Dream — dream big and believe in your dream and yourself and it will happen.” I had that belief and it was instilled further in me by my father and his younger brother as I grew up in a joint family.

Sara: Tell us your objective behind running Sara’s selection- a space  dedicated to young writers. 

Mitali: Sara’s Selections showcases young writers from Bookosmia. I hope to support Bookosmia in its attempt to enhance young writers.I do not look for competitive pieces or pieces with perfect grammar, but original writing, unguided by parents or tutors, what children think and write themselves.I hope this attempt will help develop young minds to think positively and nurture young writers as the future thinkers and dreamers of tomorrow — leading the world towards a more positive mindset — above the rat race and above just monetary considerations or the glitter of fame. They should have the ability to create a better world than the earlier one because mankind only moves forward in time — not backwards. Their dreams should be bigger than ours and Sara’s Selections will hopefully be able to encourage more to have big dreams — real or unreal. After all when Jules Verne wrote about Captain Nemo, did we have submarines?

Sara: Congratulations to you on the success of your ‘Borderless journal’. You deal with diverse writers on a day to day basis. What according to you are the elements that make a piece of writing stand out?

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