The Awakening

First Published in New York Parrot, September 2020

 The Awakening 

 Why did the Nile dweller,
 Bastet* the beautiful,
 metamorphose from a Lioness to a cat?

 Two thousand years, Bastet turned a cat
 that sits on burial urns in pharaohs’ tombs —

 revered, worshipped as a rat catcher
 no longer a warrior woman 

 From Amazonians,
 Women crumbled into corners—
 victims violated violenced
 The feminine reduced to 
 feline, seductive tramp
 using her body map

 to attract— bejewelled,
 trinketed wallowing in 
 brands, money, career

 Where is the Matriarch?

 The Proud Womb of...

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