Poetry Bonanza

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I Walk Alone (First published in Hypertext, 2021)

I walk alone on the street.
Sometimes Durga, sometimes Mary,
Sometimes just me, myself —
Do I have the right to choose?

Beyond the reaches of the veil,
The purdah that covers my gait,
Beyond the reaches of a man,
Of a support, of a claim —

Do I have the right to choose?
Can I sing to any God I like?
Can I live my life on my own terms?
Can I walk out to the hills,

Take a plunge in the river
And retain my honour? Will
You cherish me if from a
Wanton, I want to become

A wife? Will you accept me?
A woman of many lives,
I have been a warrior, a mother,
An astronaut, a leader —

And yet you label me as a half,
A half who needs support, why?
I am also Durga, Mary, Fatima.
In my womb, gestates mankind, life.

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