Song of the Himalyas

First Published in Countercurrents

Stretching far beyond the distant horizons
is a mountain where trod the gods on their
way to heaven, where mankind prayed for
redemption, for a broader vision, for union

with universal, infinite energies. The peaks
tower snow white — stretch out an awning.
Long ago, these were not there. The ranges 
birthed as two ancient land masses embraced.

Their child, these hills, these peaks, the grand 
Himalayas, the Everest — a love-child, an 
accident of nature? And yet, they have stood
longer than you or me, much longer in history. 

They stretch towards the clouds, aged50 million…
and still growing: man of less than 200,000 years 
draws lines, boundaries on these hills. Borders 
of development, economics, politics, intolerance — 

what do these mountains think?...

Read the full poem by clicking here


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