A Love Song for Peace

by Mitali Chakravarty, First published in Dissident Voice

Whether to break an egg
from the top or the bottom
was a complex issue for
Gulliver’s friends. They

warred with low-tech
arrows, roped in a giant
friend who showed the
world with his creator’s

pen the futility of such fights.
But now, looming in the
reddened, border-drawn
formerly unbordered skies,

war planes fly. Threats of
mushroom clouds instill fears
of absolute annihilation.
Life, land incarnadined with

wraiths of humans, …

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Let Chocolates Fall from the Sky

First published in Countercurrents.org. Click here to read.

Let us go there, you and I, hoping

chocolates fall from the sky.


Let us go into a hilly terrain, where

flows the ancient Amu Darya,

where Marco Polo watched sheep

graze on the grass of Pamirs. Do

they still browse or is it tamam shud

with a rat-a-tat-tat?


Has the river turned red?

Incarnadined, gaze ghosts

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Rumination of an Eve

First Published in Different Truths. Click here to read

Long ago, when I had a 
garden, flowers sang with 
children’s shouts, birds’
notes, quiet-pawed cats. 

Kois played in the pond 
under  mauve flowers on 
strange trees — I did not 
know their names. They

called one yue liang hua 
or moon flower from 
Shanghai —...

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First published in Daily Star, Bangladesh. Click here to read.

The scents and colours of the morning
arouse the wetness of the night.
The dewdrop splendour awakens the 
dawning sunrise drenched in colours

of gold, grey and orange,
asking much of the skies;
to unite — unite across the border line,
to make sure each soldier returns home

to their waiting wives, mothers and children.
The battle stops raging. The anger calms —
no longer flows deep through
the veins of the Earth

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First published in Setu. Click here to read

There was a time when we dreamt,
Dreamt of freedom under the blue sky,
Freedom to sing and write,
Freedom to express.
We thought we could forever stay,
Stay with our dreams unchanged,
Live for the songs we sang,
Live to be free.
And then came the frightening night,
Waking up, we saw no light, no day.
We clambered for what we lost, we tried,
We tried but we could not get back that life.
That life that had changed —
Dying was easier than ever before.
The skies were cleared of smog,
Animals roamed. The grass grew wild.
Climate stirred a new tune...

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The Witch Finder’s Army

First Published in Countercurrents.org. Click here to read.

Left and Right.

The witch finder’s army

hunts each night.

In stealth, the army seeps


prowls, creeps under

floorboards. The army,

hooded and masked,

takes tiny ants to task


when they bite. Each

bite costs the ant its

Life. The witch finder’s

army parades, drills...

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First published in Countercurrents.org. Click here to read

The tree, shimmering in a puddle,

ripples as a bird pauses for a drink.

The sun peeps from behind

the grey lined with silver.


The river mirrors the sky replete

with clouds and sunshine.

Water drifts over a lifetime

spanning your story and mine —


narratives of our Times, of an

eon that sweeps the Earth,

mankind’s own hearth.

Long ago, dinosaurs died.


Now, in this new age of greats,

fires burn kangaroo meat.

Flames that devour forests are

put to rest by ice that freezes


blood and bones. Breath chills

to lifelessness in a refrigerator...
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Hopping Emojis

First Published in Different Truths. Click here to read,

There must have been fat emoji-like 
people in Guernica
left unpainted by Picasso. 
In every story painted or written,

something remains unsaid.
The billions, who hope for 
the uncommonality of fame
remain unrecorded, unsung,

out of the frame, the outliers
who never quite made the cut. 
Wealth woven into ...

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