First published in Dissent Voice

Freedom is fey.
It eludes, seduces
with wafting winds,

flits with clouds
across borders
that divide. Yet

for that fence,
Freedom supped
on the blood of men.

But did she come?
This Freedom with
her promise 

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Three Poems by Mitali Chakravarty

First published in Lothlorien Journal

A Bug’s Fantasy


A light bug hovers near a bulb,

part of a multitudinous crowd

attracted by the brilliance of the

shine. This life of mine, the insect


thinks, is precious and I will glitter

with brightness, be recognised for

my refulgence. I am beautiful and

unique. My fame will spread far,


obliterate even the lamp, the

sun, the stars, the moon. A blind...

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Song of the Himalyas

First Published in Countercurrents

Stretching far beyond the distant horizons
is a mountain where trod the gods on their
way to heaven, where mankind prayed for
redemption, for a broader vision, for union

with universal, infinite energies. The peaks
tower snow white — stretch out an awning.
Long ago, these were not there. The ranges 
birthed as two ancient land masses embraced.

Their child, these hills, these peaks, the grand 
Himalayas, the Everest — a love-child, an 
accident of nature? And yet, they have stood
longer than you or me, much longer in history. 

They stretch towards the clouds, aged50 million…
and still growing: man of less than 200,000 years 
draws lines, boundaries on these hills. Borders 
of development, economics, politics, intolerance — 

what do these mountains think?...

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Magic Dust

First published in Different Truths

Naked words sear truths across
the universe melting swords 
dripping venom and blood. 

The Truth hurts, singes, burns, 
brands but stands fearless. 
Poetry has  the courage to spell — 

to write about exploding skies that 
kill innocents, or of toxic fumes 
annihilating with sulphurous hate. 

Poetry can colour the hate with love...

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Potent Garden Tales

First published in Different Truths

Each garden weaves a new story.
The garden where I was born, 
had roses that bloomed between
thorns. There was a garden where

Sita waited to be rescued, chaste, 
hoping she remained unraped. 
Why? Did she not know of Kali who 
killed demons when men failed? 

Could Kali ever be made 
unchaste by the fear of rape? 
In that garden, Sita waited for 
the man who worshipped Durga 

to win a war...

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A Love Song for Peace

by Mitali Chakravarty, First published in Dissident Voice

Whether to break an egg
from the top or the bottom
was a complex issue for
Gulliver’s friends. They

warred with low-tech
arrows, roped in a giant
friend who showed the
world with his creator’s

pen the futility of such fights.
But now, looming in the
reddened, border-drawn
formerly unbordered skies,

war planes fly. Threats of
mushroom clouds instill fears
of absolute annihilation.
Life, land incarnadined with

wraiths of humans, …

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Let Chocolates Fall from the Sky

First published in Countercurrents.org. Click here to read.

Let us go there, you and I, hoping

chocolates fall from the sky.


Let us go into a hilly terrain, where

flows the ancient Amu Darya,

where Marco Polo watched sheep

graze on the grass of Pamirs. Do

they still browse or is it tamam shud

with a rat-a-tat-tat?


Has the river turned red?

Incarnadined, gaze ghosts

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