Three Poems by Mitali Chakravarty

First published in Lothlorien Journal

A Bug’s Fantasy


A light bug hovers near a bulb,

part of a multitudinous crowd

attracted by the brilliance of the

shine. This life of mine, the insect


thinks, is precious and I will glitter

with brightness, be recognised for

my refulgence. I am beautiful and

unique. My fame will spread far,


obliterate even the lamp, the

sun, the stars, the moon. A blind...

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First published in Daily Star, Bangladesh

Art by Sohana Manzoor
Pink cherry blossoms, 
born of the whiteness 
of snow and the redness 
of blood, bloom in April.

An embroidery frame of 
silk with red cascades 
of flowers, that on trees 
stay pink, forms a gateway 

to a garden I had known 
long ago, a garden born
from centuries of sweat 
of incarnadined hands 

scabbed by fantasies,
sculpted to perfection. 
Jade plants stand cold, 
watching koi ponds with ...

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