A Coronal Prayer

First published in Different Truths. Click here to read.

We pray, we pray each day,
May the world be free to roam
free to soar, free from the 
coronal lore. May we find 

strength in our core. May we
be virulence free. May finally
a sunrise come wiping the...

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How many —

Published in Countercurrents.org, 22.05. 2020


How many people cried?
How many people died?

Sunderbans submerged

Nearly five thousand starved

Will they die of
Hunger or

And the animals?
Biodiversity Day — what happened to them?

Lakeside Gardens

No water
No electricity
No internet
Poles broken
Cars shattered

Distress, distress, distress.
The cities are all in a mess!

In Sunderban,

Do they have access to internet?
Electricity and clean water?




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Three poems

(Published in SETU, April, 2020)
Gazelles gaze on corona wrought streets
Fearless, emboldened
Peacocks dance freed
by the absence of mankind
Birds soar across uninterrupted skies
in patterns unseen by human eyes.
Skies turn a brilliant blue.
Nature blushes like a bride anew.
Each day nature a step further takes
as humans are forced to recede indoors,
Caged —
frightened by the outer rim of a growing sun
that reaches out to cremate
human remains.
When will Nature give a respite?
When will the Outer Rim subside?
The spirit of Lalon sings a new song—
Dance, dance Jord, Yakshas and Nymphs
in harmony with the Sylphs,
all with love the Earth fill —
Love that will wash away all hate.
Anoint, anoint again with
Tolerance, Harmony, Joy.
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Lalan Fakir in Outerspace

(Published in Countercurrent.org, 26.2.2020)



I have seen the world recede behind the trees;

the world that was for you and me —

a vibrant blue world, dotted with green,

swirls of ocean and breeze painted

by Van Gogh — A Starry Night,

and then came a tsunami

that wiped it all from site.


A fakir overnight,

as Lalan, I sing afloat in space

in an intergalactic haze of nebulae

of a world lost;

of God

Burnt and Ripped out of Mosques;

Harried out of Temples with a bovine stampede;

Shot or Sickened out of Churches with Corona.


Will you, O God, create a new world again?

Where Lalan can pace and sing

of the wonders —


A blue ocean amidst swirls of green trees

Star-dotted skies sprinkling stardust each night


Mankind will have only one God this time


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