Two radiant particles of light,
Vibrant, strong, bright collide
Spraying out a rainbow of life,
Dancing in cosmic delight.
A kaleidoscope in flight,
Prismatic, effervescent,
Bubbling , evanescent,
Unfolding mysteries beyond time
Dissolving with the energy of strife.
Building, unbuilding,
Creating, uncreating,
In a flow of unending stream
A poem beyond the realm
Of mankind’s last dream
All that will remain is a lone beam,
Which will again restart
Creation’s eternal dance.




Inside me I sense a fire
That burns with desire,
The desire to ignite
The sleeping night
With vibrant auroras that set aflame
The sky in colours difficult to name.
And from those colours will emerge
Molten lava-like strings of words
That dance and sway
Till to a lucent figure they give way.
Aglow, the galloping girl
Will turn into a vibrant swirl
And out of it will rise
A star, twinkling and bright,
Vivacious, eternally shifting
Forms, forever drifting,
Mutable, switching shapes
To which we give names.
It is all a part of the game.
Can we really tame
The throbbing source of all life
And call it ours by right?