The Creators



Jasper ran down the cold steel corridors of the weather bureau, pursued by men in blue, the mind police. He tapped on a wall and pressed his thumb on what looked like a little switchboard. A door appeared to the staff washroom. He slid the door open and went in. The door shut and became like another smooth section of the wall. The mind police were confused. Jasper tried to reach out telepathically to the strange unknown girl who had been sending him thought messages earlier, warning him about the mind police. He came across a total blank. The mind police could sense he was around from and looking for Jasmine from his telepathic waves but they could not do anything because all their equipment had to be deployed in the presence of the person. The dream inducer was too slow a weapon for this situation.

Jasper, despite being from the technical dimension, had a strange sense of deja vu with the girl. He had machines read his brain waves to confirm the earlier messages. But the last few days he had been unable to reach out to her telepathically. However, the mind police had intercepted his messages. The mind police had a hunch that Jasmine might have a counterpart in the technical dimension and had traced him. The telepathic messages for further information confirmed their doubts. Jasmine had again blocked off all telepathic communication in fear of being traced.

The mind police had appeared in the technical dimension with exterminators, hoping to erase Jasmine’s technical self, Jasper. The security cameras had shown them entering the weather bureau, where Jasper had been working on an algorithm to keep the temperature steadily at 20 degrees Celsius. He had almost come to the end of the algorithm when he sensed a disturbance in his sense of equilibrium. His telepathic reader sent him warning signals by flashing a red light located at his desk. Jasper knew they had come for him. He rushed out telepathically telling his computer to shut down. But there were too many interferences, which would not allow his computer to function properly. It seemed there were other commanding mind waves. The mind police had managed to fog the security and machine intelligences with combined brain waves. They were really smart. Jasper was trying his best to block his mind from them. But, it was tough. He had been taken unawares. He tried hard to focus his thoughts on his next mathematical algorithm but it kept reverting to his situation.

The mind police had succeeded in jamming the weather machines. The outside started growing cold…people were zapped. Everyone was trying to contact Jasper. It would be easier to find Jasper if they were all looking for him. Jasper took out his laser knife and cut a hole in the wall of the washroom and jumped out in the open. It was growing colder and darker. Jasper had been forced to leave his communicator (a holographic phone) behind for fear of being caught. The mind police had pocketed it as a clue. Jasper skirted the edge of the building. He switched his jacket to winter mode and continued to move with caution. He moved cautiously, hoping to make it to his car. He had sent out a distress signal to his transporter with the remote. He did not know if it would come to his rescue. He saw a flash of red and silver against the glass and knew his transporter was flying to him. It had opened its doors. A robotic claw reached out and grabbed him. It seemed to swallow him like a flying saucer and made off into the distant sky. It became another red transporter, one among many that studded the sky.

The mind police realized they had lost him. They positioned their troops inside the building. The councillors in the creator’s dimension were really upset with them for persistently losing track of all the selves of Jasmine.

Most people had left for home. It was night and the wind was blowing strong. The mind police had put the setting at blizzard hoping that people would be forced to stay away from the office. That way the only person who could rectify the situation would be Jasper and he would be forced out of hiding to help his dimension recover. Jasper had become the chief of the weather bureau at the young age of thirty. He managed the weather of the technical dimension with gadgets made in harmony with nature. Jasper’s empathetic mindset, his telepathic gift and technical prowess had made him an excellent choice.

The mind police focussed on warmth indoors and sat at Jasper’s desk and inside the main entrance.

Jasper’s transporter whizzed into the sky and flew out towards his hideout in the hilly abandoned island. No one, except his immediate family knew about this hideout. On the outside, it continued to look like an uninhabited area. Jasper had moved his wife, parents, parents-in-law and baby into the hideout after getting telepathic messages from Jasmine. He had stocked it up with food and he already had a small self sustaining farm there, which could help the family survive for a good six months without contact with the outside world.

As his transporter flew over the ocean, he could see the gathering snow clouds. He flew straight at the mountaintop, which seemed to open like a gate at a command from his transporter and swallowed him up.

He was safe now against the mind police, he hoped. The landing pad gave way to a room full of computer screens and gadgets. His wife, Matilda, had been monitoring his rides while the baby played with his grandmothers in the enclosed courtyard.

“Good to have you home, honey, all safe and sound,” said Matilda.

Jasper kissed her on the lips and said, “Let’s hope for the best. They have got my communicator. That means I cannot link up to the office unless I create a new identity.”

“Don’t worry. Everything will work out. Come, let’s have dinner,” said Matilda.

“It is growing colder. I think they have tampered with the setting,” said Jasper as he followed his wife into the living quarters of his hideout.

It was quite a large villa concealed by foliage and hidden in a mountains island. In the middle of the villa was an open courtyard with an artificial unbreakable glass roof, which was now closed for safety. It let in the sunshine but the air inside the villa and the garden were controlled by computerized machines created by Jasper. Behind the villa was the organic farm managed by the family, again under a glass dome that could be opened or closed. Currently, it was closed for security. The temperature was always mild. It started to snow outside as the blizzard grew stronger. Soon the glass dome would be covered by snow and would become undistinguishable from the rest of the surroundings. The family was safe.

Meanwhile, Jasmine, Jacaranda and Gorge landed on the roof of the weather office. They did not know that the building was infested with the mind police as both Jasmine and Jacaranda had blocked off all telepathic communication for their own security. The wind was cold and it was starting to feel very cold. The three of them were shivering. Jacaranda started muttering an enchantment and, suddenly, the three of them found themselves clothed in weather appropriate clothes. They clung to the smooth glass top of the building wondering how to enter and find Jasper.

“What do we do from here?” asked Jacaranda.

“It is infernally cold and starting to snow,” said Gorge, his teeth beginning to chatter. “We need to get indoors.”

“The problem is I am scared to use telepathy and cannot get in touch with Jasper, our counterpart,” said Jasmine.

“We could go in invisibly. I have packed a set of invisibility pills, which can make us disappear for half an hour at a stretch,” said Jacaranda.


The Creators



Jacinth sat with a cup of coffee in her garden looked at the sky and started to write:

Lost in the crowd, in oblivion Jasmine walked. She was lost, lost in the turgid grey lights of the day. It was a grey day with grey people and grey skies. Life was growing into a set of lies that she had accepted to survive. In the city, people scuttled like tailless rats, forever running a race for meaningless things, wealth, money, success. None of it meant much to our race. We had been through these stages of civilisation. And had emerged in a time beyond these needs. What mattered to us was the need for a time and space continuum where we could meditate and think. When we thought deeply enough, things came to be.

Jasmine was a student. She had been pinged to a city in the earlier continuum to understand the need for thinking. And now, suddenly, we found we were losing track of her. She was blending into the city too well. Her thought waves were getting lost with the multitude of minds and noise that cluttered the city.

Occasionally, we did lose track of students from our zone. But, the mind police had always managed to find them. They were either moved to correctional facilities or their thoughts were wiped and they were left in the city to survive as best as they could. But, the police was unable to track Jasmine.

Jasmine had plans, plans to make changes. For that, she needed to switch dimensions and gather the best from each continuum and then think of a new world to create it. It was her dream project. She was strangely advanced for her twenty years of age. She could do flips with her ideas, that is move from idea to idea and see them from different angles and then put them together to create a totally different reality. This is what councillors did after half a century of thinking. The other thing that even after half a century of meditation most councillors could not attain and she was able to do easily was to block off others from entering her mind and observing her ideas.

In our dimension most of us had transcended bodily needs. We pinged babies from the other continuums when we found that they had minds that could harmonise and meditate to project our thoughts and create. Most people who lost their babies thought they had been kidnapped. But most of the time we pinged them.There were not many of us…only about one hundred and fifty. Our world had survived centuries and Jasmine could create havoc in our centuries old world. We live to be at least six to seven hundred years old. Our best creations come forth when we hit the age of about three hundred.

Our world was started by Lemurians who had descended to Earth about two hundred thousand years ago. They brought their advanced thought technology into the earth. Their own planet Lemuria was under the threat of destruction by nuclear radiation from their dying sun and damaged biosphere.The planet Earth met up to their physical needs. They started living openly on Earth. They thought up different species of life, including man. They discovered that the intelligent species couldnot always live peacefully with each other. They had wars. Some of the species had very advanced nuclear weapons and could destroy the whole earth.That is why they created different dimensions for each creature. This way all creatures could live in harmony, oblivious of each-other’s existence. In our world, we have creatures from all dimensions. The Lemurians live in a separate dimension but we have occasional visits from them.

Jasmine wants to create a world where all the species live together like in our dimension. She is very immature as she does not realise that those capable of intermingling from different species live in our dimension. The others are not ready and therefore continue in different dimensions.

Jacinth looked up as she paused from her writing. A bumble bee buzzed on a nearby flower. She looked up and smiled. Jacinth was a hobbyist. She wrote for fun and published occasionally. She was trying her hand at science fiction. She had been getting lines in her head automatically. She also had dreamt strange dreams. In one of them, she saw women streaming away as if from a natural disaster. Another time she found herself jumping from cloud to cloud holding a stranger’s hand till she saw a strange pirate ship and land as if from another world. Jacinth believed in many things including inter-dimensional worlds which existed in parallel universes or multiverses. She believed in God, multiverses, black holes, aliens, a world in harmony… Jacinth was wondering what would she do with Jasmine next? Should she describe her? Would Jasmine look like an everyday woman, bird, fairy or a dinosaur? Should she be green or purple? Should she come from a dimension where the clouds were made of candyfloss?

Jacinth took another sip of tea and looked up. The parakeet went into the hole in the tree where it was nesting and peered out giving a loud squawk. A koel called from a distant tree. Jacinth looked at the distant towering mountains which formed a picturesque backdrop to her garden.

And then she saw her, a frail girl walking up to her gate. On her shoulder was a strange creature which was part pink and part blue. It looked like golliwog with round button eyes and was wagging it’s head and singing in a strange language. The girl had brown gold hair. She wore a faded jeans and a multicoloured striped tee shirt and carried a knapsack on her back. She walked up to the gate and said: “Hi! I am Jasmine. Can I come in?”