Why is it...

It is all right to be different, not to be the same.
We are still all a part of the big game.

We still look at the sky each day
And see it brightened by the sun’s ray.
We still see the rainbow light up in delight
With the dust washed clean from our sight.
Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red
Bring happy thoughts to our head,
Thoughts that glide and thoughts that play,
Lightening our burdens by the day.
If the different colors light up our lives
And fill our being with happy smiles,
Then why its it when we are not the same
We get thrust out of the game?
Why is it the differences matter more
Than ideas that make us soar?
Why is it we fear and hate the unknown
Instead of learning and making it our own?

It is all right to be different, not to be the same.
We are still all a part of the big game.

That is why each sunrise
Brings colors and blue skies,
And each sultry, soft, starry night
Punctuates the darkness with a silvery light.
That is why we have calm and storm
And each bird, it’s own color and song
That sings, harmonises and celebrates
The bounty of this infinite space.

The impossible


Making Utopia

It is time to ride a rainbow, to swim through the sky,
To surf the clouds till one feels oneself fly….
Over the towns and over the meadows
Zooming in and out of golden shadows.
Now on a skateboard, I slide
Into a golden sunrise,
Speeding, fast, flying, flying
Till I lose the self in trying.
The effort hurts every bone.
I feel myself soar
Beyond the life force.
I see two enormous doors
Open to a plethora of bright lights
Dancing, singing, creating flights
Of fanciful delights….
I have arrived in the land
Where every grain of sand
And every drop of the sea
Stretch to create a new reality
That reaches out to you and me
And takes us beyond impossibility,
Making the unreal,real
This is the dream, the ideal.