Why is it?

Why is it my heart skips a beat
Everytime I, a rhythm meet?
Why is it I feel a rush of adrenalin
Whenever a word in my head sings?
Why is it when sounds create
I fall into an ecstatic state?
Why is it when words rush out
I feel I could dance and shout?
Why is it when I don’t write
I feel the sun has no light?
Darkness descends and it is night.
Yet, with a whiff of a word
I feel like a soaring bird.
Concealed by cool moon rays,
The sun for me forever stays.
The black river throbs with life
In the starry hours of midnight.
A mysterious energy flows pulsating a rhyme.
A rhythm, a sound, a word breaks
The quiet barriers of the waves.
I am no longer alone
But am lost in a world of my own,
Where I sense eternal spring
And images that forever take wing….


Through the mists of time,
They float to me,
Ideas that are fragmentary.
They lodge themselves in the sea of thoughts
Till drifting slowly they find their slots,
And then they burst out of me
Sprinkling confetti
Colourful, bright,
Creating aurora lights,
Sparkling, bubbling,
Gushing, singing
In a journey towards a new infinity….