Making a Rainbow

At last the sky stopped weeping .
The sun came out creeping…
Quiet and shy,
Peeping from behind the clouds
That still covered the sky.
The river let out a contended sigh.
A little bird flew by,
So happy to be dry.
A golden aura filled the air
As if the peeping sun had no care,
And in a fit of fun, he whistled out a mild breeze
That stirred up the dancing trees
To sway and say,
“Come out and play!
Look it is a time to take a break
And dance with the waving waters of the lake.
Let us all have fun and make
A beautiful rainbow,
Arched and aglow,
Stretching from horizon to horizon,
Filled with leprechaun treasures
Of hope and happiness
And a singing heart.
Let us make a fresh start.”

Two rainbows!

Two rainbows together held up the sky
Piercing the clouds up high,
Connecting the earth
With the wide universe.
Vibrant with lights,
They held back the night.
The setting sun rays
Disappeared behind the grey
Of the fading day.
The rainbow merged into the sky.
A faint breeze murmured and smiled,
Two rainbows lost in the dark of night!
How beautiful are the starry skies!

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